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Whenever most people think of the word "Familiar." they think of the propaganda of the
wicked witch and her evil familiar doing dastardly deeds at midnight to harm others.
The truth is,it is rare for any pagan or witch to use a familiar in this negative manner.However,
this type of story has become so much a part of human consciousness that few people understand
and recognize the reality behind a familiar.

When you speak of a familiar, mostpeople immediately think of black cats. They would be surprised to learn that any animal can be a familiar. further, the animal need not be on the physical Earth plane, but can live in the astral. This fact gives everyone an opportunity to communicate with and enjoy such exotic animals as cheetahs, leopards, wolves and any other wild creature that they might never be able to encounter in a physical sense.


However, many people will tell you they absolutely don't believe in familiars and would never consider having one if they could. Surprise,! You don't have to be a witch or believe in familiars to have one. You don't have to believe in or do magick to have a familiar. If you have any kind of PET in your home,one with whom you feel close, you already have a familiar. Even if you don't have a pet, but are drawn to a certain kind of animal, it may well be a sign you have an astral familiar. Familiars are around us all, even in our daydreams and nightly dreams.


There are great benefits to having a familiar, whether you recognize it, as such or not.Consider the usual physical "pets" who share our lives. The health profession has now acknowledged that people who form attachments with pets live healthier and longer lives. The are less likely to suffer bouts of severe depression, are happier, and recover quicker from illnesses.These health professionals state that it is the presence of the animal and the human's taking care of it that creates these wonderful side-effects. I feel they are overlooking the obvious: the healing energy sent by the familiars to the human they love and care about. When their human is ill, dogs and cats, for example, realize this and will ordinarily stay near, often touching or lying right against you.

If you think this is just animal instinct, try to get an animal you don't care for, or one who doesn't think of itself as YOURS , to spend time with you when you are ill. Their casual attitude, or even thinly veiled contempt, mark that particular creature as someone else's familiar, not yours. There is no spiritual bonding between you that is necessary for animal-to-human healing. The only way someone else's familiar will aid you is if their human asks them to do so!

Familiars make excellent companions because they have chosen you, not the other way around. If you think back on your choices of "pets'" you will probably see that the choice was made for you in a very subtle way. And that they were the best companions you ever had.


Familiars can also be something other than the ordinary type of pets we humans like to have abut us. Sometimes they are wild creatures who make brief appearances at important times in our lives,and always with uncharacteristic behavior. They often make themselves know when our lives are about to take a dramatic turn. If you are alert and observant, you can prepare yourself, as much as is possible, to handle upcoming problems.

Often familiars make themselves known through meditation and dreams.This usually applies to people who can't have pets or who feel connected to animal it would be impossible to have in their lives.Whenever a change is coming into my life, no matter how small, tigers, leopards, cheetahs ,cats, wolves,and bears appear suddenly in my meditations and dreams. They do this even when the changes will be pleasant, perhaps because they understand how little I care for changes, having had so many of them through the years.

"> Opening yourself up to a familiar, either on the physical or astral plane, opens up all areas of your life as a human. These delightful creatures help you develop your potentials and grow spiritually. They teach you to be tolerant, loving, patient, and receptive to the psychic. Familiars can lead you to new opportunities through their predictive abilities. as of all, they are non-judgmental friends and companions who stick with you through all
your mistakes and troubles

When you open yourself to your animal familiar you will be amazed at how it can help you make decisions more easily, improve your health, strengthen divination and so much more.
some wonderful endangered familiars! below!


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global phsyics pet and animal linksSHAMANISM Working with animal spirits
Save our endangerd wildlife and planetNRDC BioGems- Save Endangered Wild Places

Remember we are all part of the divine creation, All working as one! We are all inter-connected.
If we take an action against a living thing , there is always a consequence.

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