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Siberian husky Photo Gallery 2 with wonderful magical moments with huskies

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Allegro Siberian Huskies Photo Gallery # 2

We update our siberian husky photo pages as much as we can.
We live and work with huskies in a pack order.
Huskies are our gift and companion guides. Without them we could not
do the work we do for they guide us and teach us everyday something new.
The siberian puppies that they have will be on the puppy photo pages mainly.
If you are not seeing something different on the photo pages hit your refresh button.
We apologize for the long download but feel it is the best way to present
our beloved huskies and information about us.
Please not. These photos are copywritten and not for public domain use.

The 'DON' of our Pack

black and white blue eyed siberian husky

red siberian husky

Thinking out the problem and looking for a solution. Usually as with all
things in life we have to dig deep for it. So they will dig.
But first they are contemplating the best teamwork possible.
Now would it not be nice if all humans worked in a team order??
Siberian Husky sled dog red blue eyes

Amy is a wonderful new addition to our family.
She came to us from Mr.and Mrs Zuelke in Oregon
Home raised with quite a personality & tons of love.

Amiee red siberian husky puppy

The Wizard of the bunch as with all of them loves to TRAVEL
either by foot- paws or trucks
They are like your CC card. Never leave home without one.

snow nap husky

black husky

husky nap

wet husky puppy

The squirrels are tormenting huskies by chattering and teasing!
siberian  huskies looking in trees at squirrels

nell silver siberian husky

Who knows what huskies dream of. Far greater things and to them
there is no distance to far to go to find love.

cream siberian husky cream and puppies
Older Alpha Female who watches only over everything.
She says nothing but sits and observes all things like a wolf.
How do I tell them apart. Each one by their eyes. They all have mirror to their souls.
especially in the dark, I can tell each one by the gleaming eyes.

We all need a place to store our treasures.
We have closets, Huskies use natural materials. Dirt.

husky digging in the dirt

The end for now. Huskies are resting
We will be adding more when film is developed.

We thank you for your visit and appreciate your time to sign for the little ones.
thank you for taking the time to writeview what are friends are saying

As stated we are film company doing research on wildlife.
Right now we are monitoring bears who along with many other species are becoming extinct
We have many bears here tho the grizzly are fast being killed
Visit ourSpirit Bear site to Save the White Kermode Bear
This photo was taken in the trees on our property as we live on the bush line and migrating path.

Lots of wonderful hidden furry people live here.
The reason most people use huskies along with survival in the north and the dog of choice
is that it is not a retriever. It will not bring wild things to us. But rather will stay quiet and wait
till the animal has moved on and it is safe for us to go. We pay attention to the huskies in the forest
for it is their territory and they know the signs very well. We would never presume we know better than they.
In civilization we must therefore care for them against MAN'S dangers as they do not know of our destructions
 Northwest coast of british columbia mountains near and bordering alaska

Come back soon we are always changing pages, time permitting
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