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Siberian Husky Facts Q and A about Siberian Huskies

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  • In general the Siberian is particular about their own cleanliness. As a breed they have a freedom from the usual doggy odors.
  • The Siberian Husky is a medium sized working dog. He should be gentle, reliable and friendly, making him a good family companion to all ages. Inherent in the characteristics of the breed is also an alert outgoing clownish personality. A desire to please and the inclination to be stubborn and strong willed with unrivalled independence, perhaps a hang over of their heritage.
    Huskies are not born attack dogs nor predatory:
    The natural predatory instincts,bigger vs smaller is in all of us
    With Huskies it is merely usually just the play or the chase that is fun

  • { That is what the original designer had in mind? }

  • cats and dogs huskies get along great with cats
    The only species that attacks and mutilates its own kind for no reason is Man
    Therefore teaching of tolerance and acceptance is needed for all of us.
  • Each Siberian has a nature and identity of his own.
    They have a kind temperament and disposition, any foregoing is not desirable in a Siberian.
    They can be wary of strangers before deciding to grace you with their attention - you must be worthy of them. One starkly obvious thing in the Siberian is his unswerving loyalty to those he loves. Siberians are not guard dogs, or fighters and will love his friend through any storm.

  • He is affectionate to one and all, is very energetic and has a great desire to run.
    An understanding of their heritage and use should give you an indication of the exercise they need

    {As so it is with all things, understanding and common sense is the key }
  • Siberian huskies do well in sledding activities which provide a much needed outlet for their energies, they enjoy the cold weather romps, they are agile and adventurous and they are very fast runners.

  • { Thank God for transportation }
  • Without regular exercise the Siberian will become a nuisance, doing anything to alleviate his boredom. (so will humans)
    The Siberian will himself regulate his food intake. The dogs have a natural slow metabolism
    they need the exercise to stimulate their appetite.

  • {as with humans also}
  • With most dogs comes the season for moulting; in the Siberian husky is it not a simple case. The term is "blowing" the coat. This means the entire under coat of the dog comes our in clumps much like sheep’s wool. This generally occurs twice a year and if diligent can be combed out in one week. Indication of blowing is seen by small clumps falling out, it is then time to move outside and start combing.

  • {happens to men, they go bald-women too!}
What are true Colors of Siberian Huskies?
  • Husky Colors: red/white, black/white, cream, silver,sable, there is no such thing as a " original white husky" not a genetic color in a true Arctic Siberian Husky, the white huskies you are seeing everywhere are a genetic modifed husky color, engineered by humans for their own indulgence, huskies bred years ago with white german shepards. Is how it is suppose to have started.

  • { Humans seem to think they can improve on Nature}
  • The honest breeder will tell you all the short comings and good/bad things associated with owning a Siberian.
    With the Siberians there are a few things to bear in mind: Understanding the Nature of this breed
  • Blowing the coat { We all have to change our clothes once in a while or we stink}
shedding coats and fur
  • General independence at times of husky {All animals including Humans }
  • They are trainable {Yes that is why they use so many in films and movies and commercials }

  • Superb temperament {Yes full of love love love and more love,unconditional }Rather a wonder now adays!
  • Don't bark - their song of joy {we should all sing praises to the universe more }
  • Siberians love to run:
    They are great talkers also:
    To get them to return try Howling or Call like A howl
    They seem to respond to a sing song sound
    {Yes but they do not run away. We all need a reason to come home??}
  • All puppies can be naughty.Dogs are a reflection of their environment and their owners.
    Caring breeders will hand you a puppy with all the potential that good breeding and love
    of the Siberian offers and you the purchaser must play your part in their development.
  • Puppies and Chewing
    Puppies will always chew and bite when they are teething. It is important not to let this behavior get out of hand.
    {We all have to go thru growing and learning states. Boundaries need to be set